The Zev Birger Fellowship Program



The 2017 Fellows will be announced in March.


The Zev Birger Fellowship program is a professional week-long seminar which deals with significant issues of interest to the international world of publishing. The fellowship program has existed since 1985 as part of the JIBF. Around 40 editors, literary agents and literary scouts are accepted to the program. Fellows are accepted to the program after a meticulous selection, when the cost of participation and stay is at the expense of the Book Fair and the arrival to Israel is funded by the fellows themselves or by their employers.

Since the beginning of the program we have been blessed with nearly 500 alumni. Many of whom have moved up in the world of publishing and the JIBF is still a focal point for their professional  relationships and friendships. See the alumni list

The 2017 Zev Birger Fellowship will begin on June 9 and continue throughout the fair (until June 15).

Application to the 2017 fellowship is an online process. Please see below the required details and material to be attached:  full resume, recent photo, a letter of recommendation, a letter from the employer agreeing to pay for the travel expenses and a scan of your passport.


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